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Grammar Revision

Present Simple

We use the Simple Present to express the idea that an action is repeated or usual. The action can be a habit, a hobby, a daily event or something that often happens. For example: I go to school.
Remember to put a 's' in the third person: he plays, she plays...

Here you've got an exercise to practise the Present Simple:

1.Does she play tennis?
A.Yes, she do.
B.Yes, she does.

2.Is he a lawyer?
A.No, he isn't.
B.No, he don't.

3.Are you a teacher?
A.Yes, I do.
B.Yes, I am.

4.Does he go to school?
A.No, he does not.
B.No, he don't.

5.Is Marvin a doctor?
A.Yes, he does.
B.Yes, he is.

6.Are you a student?
A.Yes, you are.
B.Yes, I am.

7.Does she speak English?
A.Yes, she does.
B.Yes, she do.

8.Do you work?
A.Yes, I am.
B.No, I don't.

9.Does she play golf?
A.No, she is not.
B.Yes, she does.

If you want to do more exercises, you can visit this website:


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